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About Cambridge for Cambridge, Ontario and Area

When you want to know Cambridge, Ontario

Overview of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Cambridge is a unique city, in that it retains the distinct flavour of each of the three separate communities that eventually merged to form this city. Situated in the center of Canada's Technology Triangle, its economic strength is based on a diversified manufacturing industry. Some of the city's largest employers are Babcock and Wilcox, Toyota and ATS Automation. With Highway 401 running right through the city, it is easily accessible and less than an hour from Toronto. Cambridge sponsors a number of festivals and community events, and takes great pride in protecting its environmental assets and green spaces.

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History of Cambridge, Ontario

The City of Cambridge was created in January, 1973, with the amalgamation of the City of Galt, the Towns of Hespeler and Preston, and parts of the Townships of Waterloo and North Dumfries. Originally settled by Mennonites from Pennsylvania around 1805, both a sawmill then a flour mill were built along the Speed River, marking the hub of what was destined to become a popular settlement.

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Cambridge's Demographics

Cambridge is quickly becoming a multicultural community. Although the main population is English speaking, there is a large, distinct Portuguese culture within the city, as well as a significant population from Newfoundland.

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Cambridge's Climate

The climate in Cambridge is typical of south central Ontario, with mostly moderate winters and the occasional deep freeze. In summer, the temperatures tend to be in the high twenties, and like most of southern Ontario, there are several days of high humidity.

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Education in Cambridge, Ontario

Cambridge and surrounding areas offer an excellent basic school system as well as specialized research and technological training facilities. Three universities and one community college are all within a half hour of Cambridge, and the Conestoga College campus within the city offers a unique Interactive Training Center. There are thirty-three elementary and secondary schools in Cambridge. The University of Waterloo School of Architecture is here as well.

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Transportation around Cambridge, Ontario

The recently formed Grand River Transit, a merger of the former Kitchener and Cambridge Transit systems, provides daily service between Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, as well as within the city itself. All the main routes use accessible buses. For intercity travel, Greyhound Canada provides extensive service from the terminal near Hespeler Rd.

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Tourism and Attractions of Cambridge

The Cambridge Farmer's Market has been an ongoing tradition since 1887, and the Scottish Market since 1830. Both are located in the Galt Market Building. A short distance away is the African Lion Safari, with seven different game reserves. Wings of Paradise butterfly conservatory features hundreds of free flying butterflies and over 75 species of plants. The highly developed trail system and access to the Grand River provide excellent canoeing, hiking and horseback riding opportunities.

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Surrounding Communities

  • Cambridge
  • Ayr
  • Preston
  • Hespeler
  • Glenchristie
  • Aikensville
  • Morriston
  • Crieff
  • Kirkwall
  • Valens
  • Rockton
  • Branchton
  • Sheffield
  • Littles Corners
  • Killean
  • Little Lake
  • Barbers Beach
  • Westover
  • Strabane
  • Clyde
  • Galt
  • Riverview
  • Fisher Mills
  • Aberfoyle
  • Innanen
  • Freelton
  • Mountsberg

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Geography of Cambridge, Ontario

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Cambridge's Government

The mayor and the council constitute the government of Cambridge. Ideally, they function together as a unicameral legislature without the partisan divisions that affect government at higher levels. Together they make the laws and policies which are then implemented by the city's administration. Doug Craig is the current mayor.

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Cambridge's Economy and Industry

There are over 400 manufacturing businesses, and these range in diversity from traditional textile manufacturing to leading edge science and technology firms. There are strong manufacturing support systems through various specialized machine shops, technology-based services and University-sponsored research opportunities. The City is involved in industrial land development and community marketing. Manufacturing accounts for one third of the labour force in the industrial sector.

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Cambridge's Culture and Significant Events

Cambridge has a decided interest in the preservation of its heritage as evidenced by the restoration and protection of the Scottish stone cottages, and maintenance of the traditional downtown areas. Doon Heritage Crossroads is a village from 1914 with over twenty historical buildings, representing the German, Scottish and Mennonite heritage of the area.

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Sports in Cambridge, Ontario

Cambridge has seven arenas, five indoor pools and four outdoor pools. The Chaplin St. YMCA houses a running track, fitness centre and three racquetball courts. Pipes and Rails is an all season skateboard facility and there is a mobile skate park as well that travels throughout the city. In the summer months, Cambridge hosts its own version of a mini-Olympics known as the CanAmera Games.

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Media of Cambridge

Cambridge has one local newspaper, the Cambridge Times. The Record, which is published in Kitchener, also provides coverage of Cambridge. A new radio station, DAVE FM, transmits out of Cambridge and has become a fairly popular station.

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